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  1. Putin Murdered Andrew Breitbart, claims left wing CTer (12 Replies)
  2. Gamechanger? USSA has new drone busting Laser System (1 Reply)
  3. White lady on Train to passenger: " COuldn't get a real gf so you had to get a G@@K" (16 Replies)
  4. Readers comments in reply to #Fake News from the Daily Fail (5 Replies)
  5. Syrian army shoots down Israeli jet (9 Replies)
  6. Hezbollah's Nasrallah describes 'Obama' (3 Replies)
  7. Celebrity Icloud hacked. Lots Of NUDES (106 Replies)
  8. BREAKING: Trump releases 2005 tax returns. (16 Replies)
  9. New King Kong looks good visually. harks back to 1933 (17 Replies)
  10. Men may lose desire to have sex if they work out too much (2 Replies)
  11. Canadian Author Henry Makow appears on the Richie Allen show (0 Replies)
  12. Alex Jones challenges Alec Baldwin to Bare Knuckle Boxing Match (24 Replies)
  13. To Those Not Familiar... 4Chan FBIAnon Thread July 2/16 - Likely Legit (7 Replies)
  14. Russian agents facing charges over yahoo hacking attack (8 Replies)
  15. Gavin McInnes on the Holocaust (14 Replies)
  16. BIG! Kim Jong "Disneyland" Nam KILLED BY WOMAN AT MALAYSIAN AIRPORT (53 Replies)
  17. US Defense Secretary: South Korea Missile Defense ‘Going to Happen’ (8 Replies)
  18. Trump To Cut $20B In UN Funding (3 Replies)
  19. Trump gave CIA power to authorize drone strikes (4 Replies)
  20. Innovative way a car is parked, in China???!!! (1 Reply)
  21. Possible NSFW: The Congolese lead the world in something???!!! (6 Replies)
  22. Russia - the last chance for European birthrates? [Video] (0 Replies)
  23. The roles of US, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Israel in Syria: moving towards end of the war (0 Replies)
  24. Pieczenik Slams Generals 4 Taking Own Initiative/Not Trump's w/Syria Deployment (6 Replies)
  25. PewDiePie Affect (3 Replies)
  26. Is It Normal To Cry A Lot In Love? (47 Replies)
  27. NYSE stops trading, United Airlines grounded. (15 Replies)
  28. WikiLeaks Vault 7: CIA can hack cars for 'undetectable assassinations' (11 Replies)
  29. WikiLeaks Vault 7 Info Released Tomorrow (24 Replies)
  30. Amazon's "Alexa" Shuts Down When Asked If It's Connected To The CIA (19 Replies)
  31. Christian Iraqi Leader: Iran Prevented ISIS From Taking Baghdad. US Did Nothing (1 Reply)
  32. US Designates Largest Coalition of Syrian Jihadists as a Terrorist Group (0 Replies)
  33. 2013 Formula 1 Season Starts Next Week (72 Replies)
  34. analyze the Unification Church Symbol (18 Replies)
  35. Putin Gives Painting of Tsar Nicholas 2 to Indian PM (10 Replies)
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