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  1. America's Positive Influence on Japan. Dollards Dollards Bill Yo (1 Reply)
  2. The Truth About Popular Music (2 Replies)
  3. Bill Kristol paid Sen Tom Cotton $1mil to oppose Iran deal (7 Replies)
  4. Western Anti-Russian propaganda is centuries old - (PHOTOS) (8 Replies)
  5. Vietnam (0 Replies)
  6. Time magazine during the 1996 Russian election (2 Replies)
  7. NYC Schiller Institute Community Chorus sing the Russian anthem for #Tu154 victims (7 Replies)
  8. Bilderberg Website Hacked! Elites Put On Notice (6 Replies)
  9. Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald join forces to dismiss Russian hacking propaganda (1 Reply)
  10. The Way I Heard It.. A Tribute to Short Stories (0 Replies)
  11. Alex Jones first documentary - America Destroyed by Design, 1998 (12 Replies)
  12. Russia Hysteria Infects WashPost Again: False Story About Hacking U.S. Electric Grid (2 Replies)
  13. Sean Gannon Drama. Justice for Gannon (18 Replies)
  14. Favorite Hot Sauces (105 Replies)
  15. Alex Jones Newest Tweet: "Because Obama has cursed Israel, USA Is now under a Curse" (28 Replies)
  16. Dr. Assad and Israeli PM at Bastille Day Parade (0 Replies)
  17. Emperor Putin Addresses the Decline of Western Nations, pedo promotion (16 Replies)
  18. John 1 and the Trinity (26 Replies)
  19. Will the Russians retaliate... (4 Replies)
  20. Facebook is going to use Snopes and other fact checkers to combat fake news! (24 Replies)
  21. The Original Yale University Insignia. (4 Replies)
  22. Israel's Netanyahu lashes out at Obama over UN vote (46 Replies)
  23. Joe Scarborough disgusted: Trumpers Prefer President Putin 4:1 to 'Obama' (7 Replies)
  24. David Icke sets out to prove he isn't a millionaire by showing people his house (11 Replies)
  25. California man fights DUI charge for driving under influence of caffeine (14 Replies)
  26. Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary) (15 Replies)
  27. Alex Jones responds to Stratfor Allegations. Hilarious (16 Replies)
  28. Why Can't Chinaman Belt Out Tunes? (174 Replies)
  29. If only this was the case in the US???!!! (0 Replies)
  30. Benjamin Netanyahu Declares war on New Zealand (17 Replies)
  31. UBER Driver Saves a 12 Year Old Girl from a Sex Trafficking Ring (2 Replies)
  32. Falling 33,000 feet without a parachute... (6 Replies)
  33. Reverse Nigerian Internet Scam???!!! (1 Reply)
  34. Sky Rings in Jerusalem while Trumpets blasting (4 Replies)
  35. Wu Qiang’s Ouch Ching???!!! (1 Reply)
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