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  1. The bull won???!!! (2 Replies)
  2. Any questions you guys might have on Fukushima/Radiation? (51 Replies)
  3. Celebrities suddenly pumping out Twins. (4 Replies)
  4. So what's the deal with Stephen King? (20 Replies)
  5. Witness claims London tower fire 'wasn’t just an accident' (11 Replies)
  6. Bill Maher, "house blacks"???!!! (25 Replies)
  7. UFO with 2 little green men inside caught on tape. (15 Replies)
  8. 2017 Will Be The Worst Year For US Retail In History (16 Replies)
  9. Free Range Chicken/ Cage Free Chicken and Eggs (7 Replies)
  10. 28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Fukushima Radiation (32 Replies)
  11. The Hottest New Men's Outfits at NY Fashion Week (18 Replies)
  12. Canada passes radical law forcing gender theory acceptance (3 Replies)
  13. Al-Jazeera twitter account suspended (3 Replies)
  14. nerdy dude takes good care of his 700 lb girlfriend (7 Replies)
  15. Mike Tyson had sex with a bunch of japanese hotel maids B4 getting KOed by Douglas (15 Replies)
  16. Asian people shouldn't eat Dairy. Period. (5 Replies)
  17. Sandy Hook families denounce Megyn Kelly and NBC over Alex Jones interview (17 Replies)
  18. The Genetic Dead ends who Rule Europe (17 Replies)
  19. Naked young man escaping Buckingham Palace - Hoax? (4 Replies)
  20. Gun control? How about Democrat zealot control? (1 Reply)
  21. Yemen famine caused by US weapons: Senator Rand Paul (2 Replies)
  22. A Gomer and Meathead Duet (0 Replies)
  23. Congressman Proposes a New Assignment for ISIS (3 Replies)
  24. Black man refuses to provide ID during traffic stop (10 Replies)
  25. App to Defend Israel (10 Replies)
  26. In Latin, the word for Apple also means evil - Malum (0 Replies)
  27. Inmate charged with manslaughter in jailers cardio related death (4 Replies)
  28. Common Dreams article: "The Double Identity of an "Anti-Semitic" Commenter" (15 Replies)
  29. Exporting The Best Prison System in the World (13 Replies)
  30. Buchanon: Are We Nearing Civil War? (6 Replies)
  31. Dennis Rodman defends North Korea and calls Kim Jong Un "his friend" (21 Replies)
  32. Sharon Stone 2017 (18 Replies)
  33. A chinaman in the Armor (10 Replies)
  34. Trump Blames Iranian Victims for ISIS Attack (27 Replies)
  35. Arnold's six rules for success (13 Replies)
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