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  1. Does anybody disagree with this? (11 Replies)
  2. Joe Biden Blasted for making Philo-Semitic Comments (10 Replies)
  3. Genetic Adam and Eve uncovered (4 Replies)
  4. So Much Info Here! Tips For Retaining Knowledge? (19 Replies)
  5. Shrimp on Prozac are killing themselves (15 Replies)
  6. Rare 1993 William Cooper Interview (5 Replies)
  7. Is There Any Segment Dumber Than The White Liberal Female? (60 Replies)
  8. CDC infected 98 million (7 Replies)
  9. How the media manipulates the public image of Pope Francis (0 Replies)
  10. Peter Schiff's New Silver Offer - Barter Bags (14 Replies)
  11. Harvard creates brain-to-brain interface - human controls rat tail (14 Replies)
  12. Weird Weight Gain (105 Replies)
  13. F*ck the OG (85 Replies)
  14. BBC Sorry For accidentally showing a Penis on Prince William's Head (2 Replies)
  15. MIT Tool That Visualizes How The NSA Can Map Your Relationships (8 Replies)
  16. Putins latest macho act mocked as fakery in Russia (39 Replies)
  17. You'll Never Guess Who's Blaming Criminal Behavior On Toxic Metal Poisoning (6 Replies)
  18. Some US embassies to close over threat? (5 Replies)
  19. CIA targeted rescuers of drone victims in Pakistan: Report (11 Replies)
  20. Obama: Top Tax Rate Should Be 28% for Corporations, 40% for Small Business (12 Replies)
  21. New Documentary : JFK killed by Secret Service Bullet (3 Replies)
  22. BEWARE OF THE "PROGRAM" (6 Replies)
  23. What up jinx why you home? (0 Replies)
  24. George Clooney Spends Paycheck On Spy Satellite (1 Reply)
  25. World's first cybernetic hate crime unfolds in French McDonald's (10 Replies)
  26. Gossip Girls and Masonic-Zionist Morality (29 Replies)
  27. Finished 2nd Interview with Reuters (36 Replies)
  28. NSA helps fund GCHQ (4 Replies)
  29. American family raided after searching backpacks and pressure cookers on Google (6 Replies)
  30. Asian boys from poor backgrounds twice as likely to be overweight (4 Replies)
  31. Bakers face year in jail, protests, for refusing to bake homosexual cake (15 Replies)
  32. Archaeologists find 'unparalleled' pre-Christian temple, to be razed for housing (3 Replies)
  33. I trolled superCalo (5 Replies)
  34. Iran Documentary: People of the Flames Zoroasterism (15 Replies)
  35. Came face to face with 2 Coyotes (126 Replies)
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