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  1. British actor likens Russia to Nazi Germany (27 Replies)
  2. Australian Original Astronomical rock Engravings will Rewrite World History (24 Replies)
  3. The Secret Behind Communism (23 Replies)
  4. Burglar left bruised and bleeding by retired boxer, 72 (34 Replies)
  5. Last of the Great UG Posters.... (18 Replies)
  6. Fractional Reserve Banking, a type of fraud (22 Replies)
  7. Putrid and Horrifying Rap Lyrics. Tyler the Creator (16 Replies)
  8. BensonHendersonsToothPick (13 Replies)
  9. Rethinking Facebook - Censorship on Overdrive (10 Replies)
  10. Science finally confirms - Magnetic Field of Sun to Flip in 2013 (5 Replies)
  11. Adam Kokesh charged again (19 Replies)
  12. Happy 540th Birthday Copernicus (3 Replies)
  13. Israeli drone strike kills five people in Egypt (6 Replies)
  14. its 5am waiting for a taxi in Sydney's war zone (22 Replies)
  15. Defense Contractor: I Hereby Resign in Protest Effective Immediately (22 Replies)
  16. Som-Pong at a metal concert (5 Replies)
  17. Robot Programmed to Fall in Love with a Girl Goes too Far (9 Replies)
  18. Barack Hussein Obama Stereotyping Asians. See 2 believe (31 Replies)
  19. Are black people genetically more rhythmic and soulful than other races? (44 Replies)
  20. Israeli Troops Raid Lebanon, Four Injured in Explosion (2 Replies)
  21. Tsarnaev had ‘white supremacist’ and 'conspiracy' literature (27 Replies)
  22. Indian Company Marketing Vaginal Tightening Gel (18 Replies)
  23. Sometimes I wish I could hit patients (10 Replies)
  24. Jury "Still out" on my people's Athletic abilities (45 Replies)
  25. Fat White Guy Imitates Punjabi Singing. FUNNY (12 Replies)
  26. Putin making important notes (4 Replies)
  27. So Russia is Anti-Gay? Why don't they shut down these thriving Gay clubs? (14 Replies)
  28. Very Racist Driving Instructor caught on video (17 Replies)
  29. It pays to read the fine print of contracts (1 Reply)
  30. Leah Remini Fires Another Shot Across Bow of Scientology (5 Replies)
  31. Dwarf/Munchkin/Midget Kingdom in China. Touching. (17 Replies)
  32. Terrorism? Drones kill 30 Civilians at Afghan wedding party (19 Replies)
  33. Forum back up. (14 Replies)
  34. Russia looking to Prosecute Lady Gaga and Madonna (11 Replies)
  35. A Muslim Reply to Radical western Feminists (9 Replies)
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