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  1. Putin tightens grip on elites (15 Replies)
  2. TX Liberals Torn On How To Spend 175k Helping The Homeless (1 Reply)
  3. Japan's Lesson of Tolerance for Iraq (0 Replies)
  4. How Europe Takes Care Of Fast Food Workers (4 Replies)
  5. Assad's 11 Yead Old Son Taunts America via Facebook (19 Replies)
  6. Suicide Bomber Auction for Syria in Saudi Arabia (8 Replies)
  7. Sylvester Stallone (1 Reply)
  8. "Don't make me assume my ultimate´╗┐ form!" RE: Chicken McNuggets (1 Reply)
  9. UK MPs vote against attacking Syria (40 Replies)
  10. Please Welcome FAB, FastandBulbous. Famous OGer (26 Replies)
  11. Call for Immediate Strike on Saudi Arabia (10 Replies)
  12. A Real University Professor Explains the Phenomenon of Conspiracy Denial (6 Replies)
  13. Pope Francis, Christian leaders, warn of "WORLD WAR" (2 Replies)
  14. Hands Off Syria - Take action against U.S. intervention! (0 Replies)
  15. RT Exclusive. Assad Interview in ENGLISH. His ingl├ęs is good. (8 Replies)
  16. War Street Journal (WSJ): WHACK ASSAD AND HIS FAMILY (33 Replies)
  17. L@@K: The Economist's front page cover on Syria (15 Replies)
  18. Hundreds of New Yorkers protest Syria attack (9 Replies)
  19. Anti-War protests were much more vigorous in 2003 (12 Replies)
  20. What Obama Said About Military Intervention in 2007 (16 Replies)
  21. US, Britain and France Agree to Attack Syria Within Two Weeks (117 Replies)
  22. It begins - Government to outlaw all religous symbols (13 Replies)
  23. 20+ years after the Cold War, Russia are the Good guys, America the baddies (16 Replies)
  24. Senor Penis: How to invest for broke asses (22 Replies)
  25. Evolution Of The Obamabots (3 Replies)
  26. Teen Boys Rap About Blowing Domes! (38 Replies)
  27. I found the holly grail! Asian chic with a great ass! (20 Replies)
  28. New Zany Law. Text A driver and if they crash, you're held liable (1 Reply)
  29. A good post by Jinx on the OG about us (19 Replies)
  30. There's No Secret Religion. You People Are Just Seeing Things... (51 Replies)
  31. Who would you rather have as friends? (11 Replies)
  32. The most hated man in Australia (12 Replies)
  33. USA Undeinably Used Chemical Weapons on Iraqi Children (38 Replies)
  34. Syria Resolution Authorizing Military Force Fails in U.N. Security Council (7 Replies)
  35. Egypt: Hundreds of priceless artefacts destroyed in museum looting (1 Reply)
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