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  1. John McLame, fake Christian, rejects Syrian Xtian pleas for help (12 Replies)
  2. Most Noterious Cartel KingPin Captured. El Chapo Guzman (8 Replies)
  3. Olympic Hockey Thread (279 Replies)
  4. At first glance I thought I read it as "crows" but now makes more sense???!!! (0 Replies)
  5. Goodbye WhatsApp I knew you so well (34 Replies)
  6. Ninja Turtles in the Ghetto. Viral Vid (4 Replies)
  7. Ashley Jessica Interview (20 Replies)
  8. philosophy books list (0 Replies)
  9. HOME SWEET HOME... (28 Replies)
  10. Ukraine slipped from Russia's hands during the Sochi Olympics (17 Replies)
  11. uh-oh. Sochi Ring fail? or SYMBOLIC WARFARE? (38 Replies)
  12. Facebook removes posts re: Hezbollah from PressTV page (3 Replies)
  13. Are video games turning kids into sociopaths? (24 Replies)
  14. CBS Interview - The Missing Mailbox(Sandy Hook) (34 Replies)
  15. Charlotte Dawson's Suicide blamed on Twitter (11 Replies)
  16. Sochi Closing Ceremony (47 Replies)
  17. Ilerminaty Piramid Explained (5 Replies)
  18. Fakebook Fraud (26 Replies)
  19. Ukraine: Neocons and NED operations (3 Replies)
  20. Controversial Arizona bill takes step toward becoming law (2 Replies)
  21. Gay Stuff at the Sochi Winter Olympics???!!! (18 Replies)
  22. Speed Skating Thighs (15 Replies)
  23. Liberals, Lunacy and Mass Mutilation (6 Replies)
  24. Art Bell Coast to Coast Logo. Telling (5 Replies)
  25. A message from the other side of the great sea. (52 Replies)
  26. I think I know the diagnosis (17 Replies)
  27. 'Murica. Jogging girl arrested for "failing to provide ID" (25 Replies)
  28. NSA Sociopath Charged in Death of Korean Adoptee (9 Replies)
  29. SWAT team kills 107-year-old Arkansas man in shootout (7 Replies)
  30. What if Occupy Wall Street Protested like Opposition groups in Ukraine? (10 Replies)
  31. How Monks and Monasteries Saved Civilization and Killed Usury (18 Replies)
  32. 'White Privilege? Them’s Fighting Words!' (23 Replies)
  33. Butterfly symbolism in movies (10 Replies)
  34. Kim Yuna, the definition of "cool" (6 Replies)
  35. Has There Been A Western Leader Died By Cancer? (14 Replies)
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