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  1. The Problem of Increasing Human Energy by Nikola Tesla (Free PDF) (24 Replies)
  2. This was sent to me as being real, what do you think? (13 Replies)
  3. Iranians are responsible for Malaysian plane (3 Replies)
  4. top 10 lies against Putin By the State Dept. (18 Replies)
  5. 'Fatal Vision' author Joe McGinniss dies at age 71 (1 Reply)
  6. Justin Bieber Deposition (15 Replies)
  7. EVIL BUTT PLUGS. (23 Replies)
  8. True Detective !!!!!!! (2 Replies)
  9. Ron Kind wants to spend your money on sex! (6 Replies)
  10. HOUSE OF CARDS. Right wing TV show that is blowing up worldwide (15 Replies)
  11. Over the coming weeks, months, years if we have them left (30 Replies)
  12. Osama Bin Laden CNN interview from 1997 (12 Replies)
  13. Lanza: "I Wish He Was never Born" (19 Replies)
  14. Climate Deniers file $10 million law suite against Climate Change Scientist (0 Replies)
  15. electric car scientists aboard missing plane? (19 Replies)
  16. Malaysian Mystery -Images of Grief/Despair (23 Replies)
  17. Ok you fart now. Before other people see you fart. (9 Replies)
  18. I blame termites NOT young fat chicks!!! (3 Replies)
  19. Who controlled the snipers around the Maidan? (7 Replies)
  20. Masonic Scottish Rite, Stomping on the Pope's Hat (25 Replies)
  21. OG jumps on Putin Bandwagon (12 Replies)
  22. US created Ukraine Crisis - Kucinich (16 Replies)
  24. CrossFit - Sued By Transgender Athlete; You Won't Let Me Compete With Women! (18 Replies)
  25. Make my Kids Laugh! (movie recommendation request) (39 Replies)
  26. PARTY LIKE IT'S 1999. (3 Replies)
  27. Homeless Lottery Winner. Authentic Reactions. moving (1 Reply)
  28. Debunking a 9/11 No-Planes theory video (75 Replies)
  29. After 75 years, people are starting to see the truth of the 12 Step movement (4 Replies)
  30. Earth raises a Plasma Shield to fight Solar Storms (3 Replies)
  31. Gnosticism.. Peeps should know about it. (80 Replies)
  32. Woman Goes on Rampage after Boyfriend refused her Sex (24 Replies)
  33. "RT is the mouthpiece of the Kremlin" (35 Replies)
  34. Matt Furey's Combat Chi Kung (TM) Seminar (13 Replies)
  35. 16th Century Cat Wearing Jet Pack Baffles Scientists (4 Replies)
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