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  1. The Jamaican murderer we can't deport because he claims to be gay (13 Replies)
  2. Bentley Blockade 2014, Are people finally getting wise to how to do this? (14 Replies)
  3. French police fed up with Roma crime wave (22 Replies)
  4. USA drivers not agressive enough to drive hybrids (8 Replies)
  5. CNN shows you how to fly free on an airplane???!!! (2 Replies)
  6. Easter is 4/20 (17 Replies)
  7. Why are people so weak? (13 Replies)
  8. #myNYPD Backfires As Twitter Users Share Pics of Police Brutality (9 Replies)
  9. Jews In Ukraine Claim they were ordered to Register Info or face Deportation (16 Replies)
  10. More Names will be coming out. "X-men Director Singer one of many" (36 Replies)
  11. This guy's obituary sounds like he was an EY.com made-man???!!! (7 Replies)
  12. The Man with the Golden Gut???!!! (0 Replies)
  13. Cross Promoting Like A Boss (6 Replies)
  14. Norman Finkelstein interview with Lebanon news station (10 Replies)
  15. This is going to be bad for the bar/club business (15 Replies)
  16. According to CNN, Camden NJ is the poorest and most dangerous city in the US??!!! (9 Replies)
  17. This is for your pug photo collection???!!! (11 Replies)
  18. Glen Campbell is dangerous with dish soap & olive oil???!!! (12 Replies)
  19. Russian Orthodox Christians replacing Apple Logo with Cross (9 Replies)
  20. The Wisdom of Solomon needed for a case like this???!!! (25 Replies)
  21. Can someone "prove" the Bible? Missler says "yes", how say u? (8 Replies)
  22. Police Recruitment Video for a town of 35,000 (4 Replies)
  23. Islam fastest growing religion in UK as churches decline (5 Replies)
  24. Strange Symbol at X-men Singer Sex Party Mansion (16 Replies)
  25. War of the Currents-AC vs DC (13 Replies)
  26. Cop Shoots himself in the foot while trying to kill a small dog (6 Replies)
  27. African Nations Soccer Tourney in Bronx NY (9 Replies)
  28. New York Instructional on how to react to a Home Invasion (5 Replies)
  29. Angela Merkel Was An East German Communist Propagandist (9 Replies)
  30. Confirm? Barack's SS#?????? (5 Replies)
  31. Women Prisoners Sterilized to Cut Costs (16 Replies)
  32. My Face (5 Replies)
  33. Bridge Collapse (1 Reply)
  34. 21st Century Tolerance and Liberalism (10 Replies)
  35. AKB 48 Girls. Which one is your favorite. (8 Replies)
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