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  1. New Poll: Obama's numbers continue to sink, Democrats ready to abandon him (11 Replies)
  2. Republicans Call Shenanigans on Benghazi Arrest (4 Replies)
  3. This time it's the Chileans fans run amok at the WC???!!! (5 Replies)
  4. Alleged Vatican Bond for 15 quadrillion dollars (15 Replies)
  5. While Japanese fans were cleaning up after themselves (20 Replies)
  6. New study dates Shroud of Turin to 1st century (34 Replies)
  7. AND now...a short pug video??!??!! (0 Replies)
  8. Hanging around for 5 years???!! (0 Replies)
  9. You likee???!!! (6 Replies)
  10. Do you think outside influences will try to reverse this cheap gasoline coming???!!! (0 Replies)
  11. Must visit these forums, some of the best online. (8 Replies)
  12. Theodore Adorno on Occultism. He didn't like it. (8 Replies)
  13. Hillary makes an overture to Christian voters (24 Replies)
  14. Amazing Fukushima Rescue Story. read to believe. (2 Replies)
  15. Stock market charts and chat (50 Replies)
  16. A Japanese Toy you know. MUSICAL JOLLY CHIMP (20 Replies)
  17. Ghana: a HISTORY OF MATCH FIXING (11 Replies)
  18. Rockefeller sacrificed on Friday 13th? (6 Replies)
  19. why Country music isn't popular? Interesting vid. (26 Replies)
  20. David Rockefeller's son just died in a plane crash (5 Replies)
  21. The Roman Catholic Church and Islam (9 Replies)
  22. Encyclopedia Britannica = ROCKEFELLER Product (17 Replies)
  23. ISIS. A lot of people talk about her but you should know about her. (28 Replies)
  24. Catholic Bishop Convicted of Holocaust Denial (38 Replies)
  25. French Jews think Far Left MORE responsible for anti-semitism than FAR RIGHT (5 Replies)
  26. Karl Marx is Buried at Highgate Cemetery In London (18 Replies)
  27. White Hebrews and the Civil Rights movement. An interesting Saga. (6 Replies)
  28. USA POP and KOREAN POP alliance. (15 Replies)
  29. Disney Execs Invite Drag Queen to 'Maleficent' Premiere (17 Replies)
  30. Trinity Test Site and the Bombing of Nagasaki (5 Replies)
  31. Strange. Kate Middleton and Royal Baby's first portrait. ISIS/MARY SYMBOLISM? (24 Replies)
  32. I just put in my 2 week notice (13 Replies)
  33. Morman Religion explained (15 Replies)
  34. Stalin's Humanzee Soldier Project (18 Replies)
  35. Sumerian King list (2 Replies)
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