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  1. How Women Manipulate Men (46 Replies)
  2. Evidence That Dinosaurs and Man Have Always Existed Together (23 Replies)
  3. Yahweh is Not The Most High (37 Replies)
  4. Black Boys Mature Faster Than White Boys... (21 Replies)
  5. reptilian motherfuckers (17 Replies)
  6. Are IOOF and the K.O.C. Masonic? (27 Replies)
  7. Hezbollah retaliatory strike kills 2 Israeli soldiers, injures 8 (1 Reply)
  8. Islamic State operative confesses to receiving funding through US - report (2 Replies)
  9. Yet Another Questionable "Murder/Suicide" involving movie maker (35 Replies)
  10. Canadian Economy Taking Huge Hit... (13 Replies)
  11. Target store shames innocent store worker to death???!!! (15 Replies)
  12. Former Forbes Chief Ben Fulford Talks About Canada (5 Replies)
  13. Who is killing the great bankers of Europe? (0 Replies)
  14. Russia's Favorite Weekly Political Talk Show. Fascinating! (Captions) (17 Replies)
  15. ED Snowden's Girlfriend. (3 Replies)
  16. This Phuc Nguyen is phuc'd????!!! (1 Reply)
  17. Jewish leaders call for Europe-wide legislation outlawing antisemitism (8 Replies)
  18. Where is Grandmaster Shimora? (34 Replies)
  19. Lyme Disease listed as possible biowarfare agent (16 Replies)
  20. Suicided Paris attack investigator's mom denied autopsy report, his PC & phone taken (3 Replies)
  21. Obamacare to charge smokers 50% more for coverage + benefits of smoking info (55 Replies)
  22. New NASA photo shows workman fixing Mars Rover (8 Replies)
  23. Are there any CT's about the Knights of Columbus? (8 Replies)
  24. Facebook hacked (1 Reply)
  25. Why isn't twitter BLOCKING ISIS ACCOUNTS? (3 Replies)
  26. If the dinosaurs had not become extinct, would intelligence have evolved? (16 Replies)
  27. What Michael Brown is doing in heaven right now???!!! (6 Replies)
  28. Head of IT companiesmonitoring NSA,FBI,pentagon and army found dead (26 Replies)
  29. Estimates say less than 5k blue whales left (10 Replies)
  30. Female American Hasidim facing Saudi like rights violations? (1 Reply)
  31. Another EY claim close to becoming true? (3 Replies)
  32. Hobbyist breaches White House defenses with recreational drone (1 Reply)
  33. 1 year-old Chinese toddler is a bus fare cheat???!!! (0 Replies)
  34. Asian tapeworm is a badass???!!! (17 Replies)
  35. UK Defense Ministry to Agents: No SEX with Russian or Chinese girls. (17 Replies)
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