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  1. Why is it the ugliest people .. (36 Replies)
  2. One of the ugliest laptop PC's ever (11 Replies)
  3. Morales: "Bolivia Ready for War with US (8 Replies)
  4. U.S.'s "Ballistic Missile Defence System" (4 Replies)
  5. Anderson Silva: Lots of homosexuals in MMA (72 Replies)
  6. Fakebook's Sandberg wants more black women online (7 Replies)
  7. America is a joke... (22 Replies)
  8. Capitalism (12 Replies)
  10. JERUSALEM POST: Syrian Rebel Groups Congratulate Netanyahu (6 Replies)
  11. Israel's Plan for Syria circa 1982 (3 Replies)
  12. 10-year-old boy believes he was a Hollywood extra in a past life.... (0 Replies)
  13. Alexa rankings (2 Replies)
  14. Anyone Here Like Twoloud?!?! (9 Replies)
  15. Woman raised by lesbian moms comes out against gay marriage (11 Replies)
  17. Am I SUPPOSED to believe in Evolution? (24 Replies)
  18. 78 yr old former Tent Boxer dishes out some justice (8 Replies)
  19. Entebbe Raid Conspiracy Theory (3 Replies)
  20. Gays permitted to march in NYC St. Patrick's day parade, still not happy (10 Replies)
  21. Above Top Secret thinks Putin Dead, Coup Underway (37 Replies)
  22. Post something that makes you laugh out loud (32 Replies)
  23. Starbucks Baristas to lecture you about race relations while you buy coffee (19 Replies)
  24. 100,000 gather in central Moscow to celebrate Crimea reunification (14 Replies)
  25. The World's Oldest Company: JAPAN's KONGO GUMI. Established 578 AD (40 Replies)
  26. May just be seeing beginnings of the nuclear war that was suredly coming anyway (5 Replies)
  27. Sandy Hook victims sue Adam Lanza's dead Mom (7 Replies)
  28. Euro spirals toward 1:1 parity with USD (10 Replies)
  29. $40 bullet, largest rifle ever made and you need to be sitting to shoot???!!! (10 Replies)
  30. Forensic Ballistics Proof Shotgun not AR-15 shot out window Lanza said to've entered (4 Replies)
  31. Federal marijuana laws can change if enough states reform – Obama (7 Replies)
  32. Netanyahu promies no Palestinian state, more settlements if re-elected (4 Replies)
  33. The Ides of March (7 Replies)
  34. Patriarch Kirill: by denying God's truth we ruin the world (3 Replies)
  35. Op-ed calls on Israel to nuke Germany, Iran (10 Replies)
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