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  1. This guy have a better chin than Gomi? Get off my couches! (1 Reply)
  2. Countertenor - a rare gift from God (3 Replies)
  3. US Ally Saudi Arabia Bulldozing Dead Bodies in Mecca (8 Replies)
  4. Another Online Personality Test (11 Replies)
  5. Weird. Pope Stops Lord's Prayer Mid speech. (34 Replies)
  6. US/Obama Push For Yuan to be included in Special Drawing Rights (5 Replies)
  7. Scholarly Study Discusses Sandy Hook. Defends Prof. Tracy (5 Replies)
  8. Monstrous or Strange Dog Breed Mixes (74 Replies)
  9. Time for me to Quit MMA.tv (60 Replies)
  10. Evangelical false prophets wrong again (blood moon) (7 Replies)
  11. Immigrant Population hits record high 42.1 mm in Q2 2015 (1 Reply)
  12. Muscovite Prosperity. Nice pictures of Moscow's CBD (3 Replies)
  13. Who's The Boss Child Star HIV for 12 years (10 Replies)
  14. Selma (9 Replies)
  15. 5 YouTubers Turned Killers (0 Replies)
  16. A world without war....... Possible or not????? (8 Replies)
  17. JIN DA MC has perfected his craft. Unbelievable freestyling skills (4 Replies)
  18. Good Job Israel. Israel Bans Wifi in Kindergartens citing health concerns (3 Replies)
  19. DSK slams greece deal, European Union Leaders (4 Replies)
  20. Black rappers rapping about their jewish lawyers (1 Reply)
  21. Social Justice Warrior Goes nuts over stroller. Screams White PRIVILEGE! (9 Replies)
  22. FBI recovered Clinton Emails. Boom (12 Replies)
  23. 9/11 Missing Links (16 Replies)
  25. Chinese Study: Garlic Halves Lung Cancer Risk .. even for smokers (62 Replies)
  26. CTSAR (21 Replies)
  27. the average aging process of korean women (23 Replies)
  28. Japanese Study on the Miraculous healing properties of Garlic (27 Replies)
  29. The 2nd Beast (USA) is Causing the Whole World to Worship the 1st Beast (Papacy).... (13 Replies)
  30. The Pope's on live right now and OMG it's boring! (43 Replies)
  31. Black Pope - Adolfo Nicolas - interesting speech (26 Replies)
  32. Academic Journal: Gnosticism and Buddhism in the Matrix (14 Replies)
  33. 21st Century Barter (1 Reply)
  34. Youtube Likes vs. Dislikes as Awakening Proxy. Re: Virginia (12 Replies)
  35. Chinese Obama. Simply Hilarious (8 Replies)
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