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  1. Jews demand Pope Francis face trial... Not pedo related (3 Replies)
  2. Hilarious analysis of Virginia Shooter (Boyfriend) (25 Replies)
  3. Jewish Media Talks about Shemitah Cycle. DOOM September 2015 (2 Replies)
  4. The Varginha incident, Brazil. Aliens walking the streets. (17 Replies)
  5. Germans commit cultural suicide. Agree to allow 800K refugees (72 Replies)
  6. Dr. David Duke accepts challenge to appear on Alex Jones, Tuesday 1PM Eastern Time (100 Replies)
  7. Russia Orders US: Tell The World About Aliens, Or We Will (60 Replies)
  8. Virginia Shooting Survivor Vicki Gardner Gets Visit from Dog at the Hospital (1 Reply)
  9. Natalie Portman questions the Holocaust industry... (9 Replies)
  10. Chinese tech giant show a CGI version of China attacking an American base (1 Reply)
  11. New study - 75% of psychology experiment results unable to be replicated (10 Replies)
  12. 3D printer used to find perfect penis size (2 Replies)
  13. American Cops Execute One More... (58 Replies)
  14. STUNNING single camera 9/11 footage. never seen (8 Replies)
  15. BIG: Hacker Threatens To Sell Hillary Clinton’s UNRELEASED EMAILS FOR 500K (12 Replies)
  16. Canned Laughter (13 Replies)
  18. Police officer faked cruiser shooting (6 Replies)
  19. Massachusetts "Martial law" after cop LIES (6 Replies)
  20. RIP BenQ 20" WS monitor :( (46 Replies)
  21. Don Johnson Invades Mombasa - Lock Up Your Daughters! (31 Replies)
  22. Putin On Snowden: We do not give up on people who fight for human rights (5 Replies)
  23. VA Shooting Videos Shown To Be 2 Seperate Takes: Nod To Alison Parker ;-) (10 Replies)
  24. Era of Shattered Illusions (15 Replies)
  25. UNF*CKINGBELIEVABLE. Alison's dad DANCING with glee at her funeral (14 Replies)
  26. Did Obama Intentionally Choose “Evil” Date Connected To Jewish Genocide? (0 Replies)
  27. 25,000 reward guy will now support wolfgang halbig financially (3 Replies)
  28. Never eating another chicken nugget again. Shocking video (22 Replies)
  29. New Transgender Movie: THE DANISH GIRL. (7 Replies)
  30. Kirik on the Popularity of the UG facebook page (1 Reply)
  31. 2 relatively attractive girls sing " A MAN LIKE PUTIN" (4 Replies)
  32. Pope Francis sends letter praising gay children's book (21 Replies)
  33. 60% of Czech's would vote for Hitler (3 Replies)
  34. Britain refuses to extradite child rapist (3 Replies)
  35. 97,000 trade error- I helped cause. EY opinion (12 Replies)
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