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  1. LIVE STREAM: Keshe releasing Energy Technologies (141 Replies)
  2. Donald Trump gets owned on twitter LOL (45 Replies)
  3. Breaking: Active shooter report at Naval Medical Center in San Diego (19 Replies)
  4. Forensic Expert: Crucial Data Removed From Newtown Police Dashcam Videos Given Halbig (13 Replies)
  5. The Truth About Slavery (24 Replies)
  6. MRBIG1 of OG fame believes Bundy Ranch Incident a Psyop (19 Replies)
  7. Have You Ever Caught A Kangaroo With a Dead Emu? (1 Reply)
  8. F*cking Cars (11 Replies)
  9. U.S & Russia Are Preparing Public Opinion for the Partition of Ukraine (2 Replies)
  10. Rare 116 year old Nikola Tesla Interview (38 Replies)
  11. White Guy Easily Steals Asian Guy's Girl.... (35 Replies)
  12. Donald Trump Hits a New High. 41% CNN/ORC Poll (4 Replies)
  13. Give Me A Top 10 List Of Most Powerful Men (43 Replies)
  14. EU Newslady: We've emasculated our males/no one to protect women vs immigrant attacks (8 Replies)
  15. The Power of Trump. 9 year old girl cries literally when told going to trump rally (5 Replies)
  16. Israel Defence Minister: "ISIS Funded With Turkish Money" (0 Replies)
  17. Paypal Shuts down Prof James Tracey's PAYPAL ACCOUNT! (12 Replies)
  18. Shanghai Composite tumbles 6.1%.. update.. another big crash (6 Replies)
  19. Funny monkey and bulldog (10 Replies)
  20. Obama Administration Set To Whitewash Christian Genocide In Iraq (4 Replies)
  22. Do people mourn differently? Comparing Sandy Hook to MH370/Korean Ferry (150 Replies)
  23. William Engdahl: Russia Is Breaking America's Oil Price Monopoly (1 Reply)
  24. Star Wars. What they are not telling you (55 Replies)
  25. Trump Hints at Israel being Behind ISIS (25 Replies)
  26. British Christian patrol trying to stop Islamist immigrants taking over their town (4 Replies)
  27. The Spineless Chinaman - Dragon's Den Edition (14 Replies)
  28. What Is The Purpose Behind White Genocide? (70 Replies)
  29. Chinese Reflections on Europe (5 Replies)
  30. Clash of Civilization: Data Dump (10 Replies)
  31. Joint Chiefs Chairman: US Looking to Attack ISIS in Libya (2 Replies)
  32. Steven Avery (16 Replies)
  33. Pied Pipers in the World of Conspiracy (170 Replies)
  34. Teddy Altlas - How he held a gun to Tyson's head for going after family 11yr old girl (7 Replies)
  35. Wall Street Journal: Israel treating al-Qaida fighters (1 Reply)
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