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  1. This vid will go viral. "I have an iphone 6 how am I poor?" (4 Replies)
  2. Saudi king showered Obamas with $1.3 million in gifts in 2014 (0 Replies)
  3. Russia SurPasses US Again With 4X More Powerful Non-Nuclear Weapon - Thermobaric Bomb (6 Replies)
  4. Vladimir Putin 2015 UN speech [English Subtitles] (5 Replies)
  5. Weird Things About The Paris Attacks Thread (8 Replies)
  6. American Family Association (AFA)’s Christmas buying guide: the Naughty-or-Nice 2015 (29 Replies)
  7. NATO is harbouring the Islamic State (0 Replies)
  8. The mysterious Iranian general / Hezbollah leader kicking ISIS's ass (10 Replies)
  9. Russia Bombs ISIS Oil Refineries. Glorious Footage (5 Replies)
  10. Birds of a feather....... Mammon Mayweather defends Ronda Rousey (7 Replies)
  11. Donald "Sleazy Emperor" Trump - "Glad Rousey lost, She's not a nice person" (27 Replies)
  12. Do You Believe in Entity Attachment? (18 Replies)
  13. The Leftovers-HBO sereis (11 Replies)
  14. University Professor Releases book about Sandy Hook (14 Replies)
  15. Charlie Sheen HIV positive. (44 Replies)
  17. Anti Soviet Warrior puts his Army on the Road to Peace (3 Replies)
  18. Amazon Rocket Takes off goes into space and lands back on earth. VID (5 Replies)
  19. BETTER SEX (7 Replies)
  20. Alex Jones Subliminal Message - SUBMIT TO FEAR (17 Replies)
  21. Who Backs ISIS and How? (1 Reply)
  22. Syrian American on 'Obama' and Hollande (1 Reply)
  23. Red Ice Radio - Kerry Bolton - Hour 1 - The Psychotic Left & The Cycle of Decline (3 Replies)
  24. HPV vaccine: Thousands suffer serious side effects (7 Replies)
  25. Authoritarian superstar Lee Kuan Yew is almost dead (6 Replies)
  26. Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea (14 Replies)
  27. shocking video. Israelis disguised as moslems (0 Replies)
  28. Dindus Strike Again (4 Replies)
  29. This is making US/NATO shit! New Syrian Jihadi 1900mi+ Russian CruiseMissiles Strikes (52 Replies)
  30. Hungary's Orban talks Putin, Migrants, EU, Politcal Correctness, Populism (3 Replies)
  31. Sixteen hospitalised after New Orleans shooting: reports (4 Replies)
  32. CTers say that Sandy Hook crying girl was in Paris (27 Replies)
  33. Even science is under attack by the Thought Police (4 Replies)
  34. Breaking: Ukraine MH17 Investigator Survives Assassination Attempt (4 Replies)
  35. Turkish fans boo minutes of silence for Paris Attacks (13 Replies)
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