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  1. Harvard Economist: Immigration Costs US Workers $500 Billion A Year (0 Replies)
  2. Loughner Sues Giffords (7 Replies)
  3. Putin mocks John Kerry on his visit. (5 Replies)
  4. Any of you ever traveled to the ancestral Caucasiod part of China? (50 Replies)
  5. Exceptionalistan (0 Replies)
  6. Nick Griffin interview with Jack Sen (1 Reply)
  7. Jews are the problem behind every problem (7 Replies)
  8. Israel treating ISIS in Israeli Hospital and Tells them to Kill Shias (Video) (0 Replies)
  9. Trump caresses the matzo balls at AIPAC (16 Replies)
  10. Marco Rubio drops out of presidential campaign after Florida loss to TRUMP (23 Replies)
  11. The Myth of Giving Iran $150 Billion in Nuclear Deal (13 Replies)
  12. New Asian Minstrel show comedian JOE WONG (6 Replies)
  13. Yep. Eat the soy. One serving of natto contains 201 mg of magnesium (11 Replies)
  14. Top Investor Marc Faber supports the Donald (4 Replies)
  15. Soon you will not be able to trust what you see. Facial reenacment tech (4 Replies)
  16. Footage of someone rushing Trump. Trump looked scared (31 Replies)
  17. Monster Hillary rejected Saif Qaddafi plan to democratise Libya (6 Replies)
  18. Anonymous has declared 'total war' on Donald Trump, threatens DDOS attacks (12 Replies)
  19. Real Quotes From Donald Trump About Women Attack Add (10 Replies)
  20. Trump on brokered convention: " There'd be riots. there'd be riots" (1 Reply)
  21. Recall Issued After Mom Discovers Pedophile Symbol on Popular Children's Toy (15 Replies)
  22. Orthodox Jews Set Sights on N.J. Town and Angry Residents Resist (8 Replies)
  23. Obama nominates 4th jewish judge merrick garland to replace Scalia (11 Replies)
  24. Is There a Gay Agenda? (149 Replies)
  25. Korean Human beats Google's SUPER COMPUTER in GO (9 Replies)
  26. JCVD Exposes the NWO on Belgium TV (9 Replies)
  27. Trump truly did destroy Rubio's Spirit - Leaving Politics (6 Replies)
  28. Ted Cruz Ducking Donald for another Fox Debate (11 Replies)
  29. Pug Tricks (1 Reply)
  30. White girl w/ missing teeth caught stealing at Korean store. hilarity ensues (6 Replies)
  31. Eccentric Miles Mathis' newest assertion: Monica Lewinsky scandal fake (24 Replies)
  32. Only .03% of SUPERPACS donated to Bernie Sanders (2 Replies)
  33. Subway's Jared and how innuendo goes a long way.... (164 Replies)
  34. Trump is due to speak at the Aipac policy conference in front of 18K ppl (11 Replies)
  35. 15 Years for Stealing a Poster (6 Replies)
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