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  1. The Social Impact of Marijuana Legalization (3 Replies)
  2. the only time bruce lee lost a confrontation on film (0 Replies)
  3. Big pharma meds caused a man to become homeless (7 Replies)
  4. Twitter autosuggests death threat re: Kavanaugh (7 Replies)
  5. Crowd at Trump Rally Cheers for Armageddon (32 Replies)
  6. Actual inventor of the Internet wants to create NEW INTERNET to challenge googlebook (0 Replies)
  7. New Germany Migrants Pic. No females or children in sight (12 Replies)
  8. Mel Gibson was warning you people (9 Replies)
  9. best magician in the world Shin Lim (17 Replies)
  10. Matt Abbott chooses new opponent to avoid fighting me???!!! (27 Replies)
  11. European Multicultural success: brawl between german police and migrants VID (4 Replies)
  12. 50% of japanese men/women under 34 virgins according to questionable new study (20 Replies)
  13. Elon Musk Quits as Tesla’s Chairman in Settlement With SEC Over Go-Private Tweet (7 Replies)
  14. Andrew Anglin's Master Race plan (involves Asian females) (7 Replies)
  15. Tribalist Michael Savage Blames Syria War Drums on . . . . . . The Tribe!!! (31 Replies)
  16. Does George Soros believe he is the Mashiach (Jewish Messiah)? (28 Replies)
  17. The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom (1 Reply)
  18. 6+ Asian men are striking back (3 Replies)
  19. Lindsay Lohan gets punched for trying to kidnap refuge children while in Russia (5 Replies)
  20. Indian Kid gets run over by car, zero damage (7 Replies)
  21. The dirty rat???!!! (1 Reply)
  22. Quit smoking genetically modified marijuana (12 Replies)
  23. He dared them to shoot... (39 Replies)
  24. Simon Cowell Donates Over $32.6K to Shut Down South Korean Dog Meat Farm (4 Replies)
  25. James Corbett: You Are Being Gamed (0 Replies)
  26. Donald Trump Says China Respects Him For His ‘Very, Very Large Brain’ (9 Replies)
  27. Armstrong WINS AGAIN..... (0 Replies)
  28. McDonald's says classic burgers in U.S. no longer have artificial ingredients (3 Replies)
  29. .....and let them eat CAKE! (16 Replies)
  30. Is Angela Merkel Hitler's Daughter? (205 Replies)
  31. Joe Rogan on Comedy Central: everyone should smoke WEED (2 Replies)
  33. Brett Kavanaugh is being accused of sexual assault dating back to his HIGH SCHOOL DAY (33 Replies)
  34. Berenstain Bears - Evidence of a Parallel Universe? (307 Replies)
  35. The Vaccine Industry & Child Abuse (24 Replies)
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