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  1. Clint Eastwood Laments today's 'Pussy Generation' (6 Replies)
  2. Why is Putin Attacking the Globalists? (3 Replies)
  3. International tribunal over South China Sea (3 Replies)
  4. Tribunal rejects China's expansive South China Sea claims! (35 Replies)
  5. Julian Assange Claims Russia Wasn’t Involved in DNC Hack (2 Replies)
  6. CNN : ‘Governments Pay Us To Fake Stories’ (5 Replies)
  7. Rocket hits firmament (24 Replies)
  8. Interesting Video: Why were the pyramids not mentioned in the BIBLE (41 Replies)
  9. Making EvilYoshida.com Go Viral? (39 Replies)
  10. The Bad Tartare (4 Replies)
  11. Mombasa Raha Positions: Part 1 (4 Replies)
  13. What's up with the forum??? (7 Replies)
  14. CIA Director John Brennan admits plans for geoengineering aka chemtrails (19 Replies)
  15. Chinese car-swallowing bus???!!! (4 Replies)
  16. Green Party of Canada condemns Holocaust statements made by former candidate (3 Replies)
  17. Another brilliant speech by Viktor Orban (5 Replies)
  18. Peekay Truth's YouTube Channel Shut Down For Exposing Nice Attacks (6 Replies)
  19. Turkish media mistakes cheat codes for GTA IV as list of weapons for Turkish coup (0 Replies)
  20. Alernative media alternatives to Jonestown (8 Replies)
  21. Is CERN Nothing More Than Another Hoax? (4 Replies)
  22. Why Is A Shiva Statue At CERN? (22 Replies)
  23. Paul Krugman is delusional RE: Clinton (9 Replies)
  24. Confirmed: Weapons Were Moving Through Benghazi to Syria (14 Replies)
  25. Cern (8 Replies)
  26. tattoos are conformist (82 Replies)
  27. Michelle Obama is a Man? (23 Replies)
  28. Bill Clinton looks very very frail and unhealthy (54 Replies)
  29. Lurking Bill Clinton #LurkingBillClinton (7 Replies)
  30. 318 active users now (48 Replies)
  31. Solitary Confinement Is Psychological Torture (5 Replies)
  32. The Power of “Nyet” (3 Replies)
  33. Alex Jones addresses Zionist accusations, lol (32 Replies)
  34. Chinese-American woman crowned Miss Michigan, Chinese netizens think she's ugly (34 Replies)
  35. Daily Show Clown asks Alex Jones to "F*** My Wife" (15 Replies)
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