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  1. MUST WATCH: Fishy Victim Confirmed! Angel Colon. Claims shot in hand, hands ok. (13 Replies)
  2. Brexit takes early lead - live count (147 Replies)
  3. some dude showed up on PRESS TV and called Sandy Hook and Orlando staged events (6 Replies)
  4. American hubris encounters 'Russian agression' (0 Replies)
  5. Son of Hunger Games director commits mass killing (81 Replies)
  6. Proof that Adam Lanza was "the size of a twelve year old" (15 Replies)
  7. Supreme Court tie blocks Obama Executive Amnesty (5 Replies)
  8. Congress bans study of Gun Violence yet again. Young Turds vid segment (4 Replies)
  9. How to deal with internet shills (46 Replies)
  10. Trump NYC Speech Live. Just started. (9 Replies)
  11. Floridian Wolfgang Halbig discusses the Orlando Shooting. (3 Replies)
  12. National Hoax Awards... "I'd like to thank the academy, Oh! & my government handlers" (14 Replies)
  13. He's back! Trump 2.0 Speech 100% On Point-On Track-Concise With All EY'er Truths (3 Replies)
  14. Smoking Gun! LA Patsy Connected to Mateen In CIA Plot (13 Replies)
  15. Orlando Shooting Medical Conference. Shades of Apollo press conference (5 Replies)
  16. The Best Crisis Actor I have Ever seen "Nayirah" (10 Replies)
  17. Catholic Critique of David Duke (5 Replies)
  18. Jacko now a confirmed paedophile, police report shows (11 Replies)
  19. Campaign falling apart: Trump Launches 100,000 EMERGENCY FUND RAISE (46 Replies)
  20. Now Media Star Orlando Victim Mom All Smiling/Happy/Laughing On CIANN Anderson Cooper (91 Replies)
  21. President Putin confronts CNN bot (10 Replies)
  22. Target Stock Drops like a rock after transgender bathroom policy (11 Replies)
  23. Redneck and Dagwood inspire long blog post about the Merkel Hitler Connection (9 Replies)
  24. Hi everybody (10 Replies)
  25. Man tried to steal officer's gun and assassinate Trump at rally in Vegas (3 Replies)
  26. Former NYPD Cop has serious doubts about Orlando Shooting. (13 Replies)
  27. German minister warns Nato against 'warmongering' (7 Replies)
  28. Azealia Banks Endorses Trump, Claims Hillary 'Talks to Black People As Pets" (14 Replies)
  29. Is it normal to smile like this days after losing your son in a shooting tragedy? (6 Replies)
  30. M5S Wins Rome, Torino elections (3 Replies)
  31. Lesbian couple talk about forcing 'queer lifestyle' on their son (5 Replies)
  32. Computer generated music the AI composer (5 Replies)
  33. 2hr Early Facebook Post From Orlando Shooting Was Shown On CNN Special Report (11 Replies)
  34. Omar Mateen Acting history on IMDB scrubbed (11 Replies)
  35. Terrible Tim Rifat has been institutionalized in the UK (0 Replies)
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