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  1. Earliest views of God in civilizations (163 Replies)
  2. Ass Implants Prove Fatal For Floridian (26 Replies)
  3. Tenshin's Soy Was Pulsing (206 Replies)
  4. Black Mirror (48 Replies)
  5. Hungary Removing Gender Studies From Uni, Says Courses Based On Ideology not Science (2 Replies)
  6. Quinton Jackson just got back with his Japanese wife after 12 years of divorce (11 Replies)
  7. Netflix comedy show mocks/exposes “Matrix” construct (5 Replies)
  8. Elizabeth Warren is not human (17 Replies)
  9. Was 9/11 a Black Magic Ritual - You be the Judge (109 Replies)
  10. Chinese eating the shrimp at da Thai buffet. All U CAN EAT BABY! More embarrassment (90 Replies)
  11. the WALL (74 Replies)
  12. Epic David Icke lecture on Saturn (24 Replies)
  13. The final fate of David Horner???!!! (3 Replies)
  14. Soyboy vs Sista at Florida McDonalds (13 Replies)
  15. It Just Got Harder for Chinese People to Secure U.S. Visas (6 Replies)
  16. Little known Secret Society - Fraternitas Saturni (Brotherhood of Saturn) (135 Replies)
  17. Evil Yoshida, any truth to this article? (15 Replies)
  18. Brilliant Gun Safe Commercial that skirts FB gun censorship (0 Replies)
  19. DNA unlocks Hispanic- Jewish History (16 Replies)
  20. Transgender Freaks out at Gamestop over misgendering (3 Replies)
  21. Best Documentary on the Japanese katana, no generic asian music (3 Replies)
  22. Pulsing Epic Rant about the modern state of man (9 Replies)
  23. "Ethnomathematics" - the Decolonization of Math (3 Replies)
  24. Happy New Year Soyboys! it's 2019 (5 Replies)
  25. Tenshin vs. Mayweather Fan cam alternate angle (15 Replies)
  26. Trump: We give 4.5 Bn a Year to Israel (11 Replies)
  27. Violent porn watched mostly by women (6 Replies)
  29. Kanye West just appeared on JRE.. (0 Replies)
  30. Chinese Usain Bolt breaking records in the 60m (22 Replies)
  31. Post CT & Alternate History Documentaries Here (260 Replies)
  32. The Creeper Parade Keeps Rolling: The Tale of Masturbating Louis CK (13 Replies)
  33. Demonic possession at the Vape Shop (5 Replies)
  34. Epic Chair Throwing Contest At Wendys (1 Reply)
  35. Public Service Announcement from the British Govt. Re: Non-Binary Persons (0 Replies)
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